the end..

You realize when something snaps within. An irreversible slide from which you can never pull yourself out.  There is this scream within, if amplified externally, would be of an anguished raging animal. A scream wishing for annihilation.  A wipe out of everything, even those things you cherish and love. Somewhere within you realize, they are all connected and it would be impossible to protect what you cherish from what you wish to destroy.

There are few who become increasingly sensitive to the ways of the world. Those unfortunate few who find it difficult to turn a blind eye. To ignore or be indifferent. Every act of cruelty registers a deep scar. Every act of wanton greed and violence deepens an abyss within. An abyss filled with loathing for humanity and its seemingly endless capacity to be violent.

The simmering hatred, wanton indifference as long as it serves ones needs, mind numbing appetite for cruelty and spotting this in people you know, makes you wonder if you are immune to them and what they feel. Are we certain that we are insulated from the very accusation which makes us so deeply disturbed? The cry for destruction seems even more forceful and urgent as the realization of everything human has been tarnished and nothing remotely pure remains becomes evidently clear.

And the sheer helplessness of it all. The end is near when that something snaps within. 


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